Since 1978 American Bartending School (ABS) has been successfully training and placing bartending graduates in the Tampa-St. Pete area bars and restaurants.  Same administration since 1978.  And we are all about you and giving you personal attention so you may be successful.


Most of our instructors have been with us for many years.  Our instructors not only are knowledgeable and have instruction expertise, but they care about your success and preparing for after graduation.   They are focused on the results you will gain from your bartending training.  At a personal level, you will see how our instructors will make a big difference in your success now and for a long time to come.

Hands-On Training

We offer a comprehensive, hands-on training program in a 45- foot fully equipped bar setting.  This will give you the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to become a professional bartender.  Students spend over 75% of their time behind our bar during the program.  It’s a lot of hands-on training.  It’s simply the only and best way to learn bartending.

Small, personalized classes

We keep the classes fun and small so that our instructors can provide you with personalized attention.  You will likely meet new friends in our small classes.  Students usually come together in a special way in our small class setting.  They become like family to us and they usually help each other during class and after graduation.  This makes our learning environment fun, active, and motivating.  And our small class setting leads to success.

Job Placement and Employer Networking

Our job placement assistance and employer development program benefits graduates directly.  We never charge a fee for placement services.  Once you graduate from ABS, you are family.  This means that as an ABS graduate you can get placement assistance at any time in the future.

Up-to-date Classes

What is trending today may not be what is trending tomorrow.  Our world is moving a lot fast today and that is not different behind the bar.  Our training program is updated on a regular basis to stay current with new mixology trends, drinks and methods.


Upon graduating students receive a diploma/certificate in Bartending/Mixology.


We work with motivated students so that money never gets in the way of their goals. We try to be fair to students by respecting their dreams and aspirations.   That is why we do NOT (like other schools) take $100 non-refundable registration fees.  Our Registration is FREE and we change our tuition from time to time to make it affordable.