Graduate Placement Assistance

We strongly encourage all American Bartending School graduates to work with our placement staff upon graduation.  Working with our staff will allow graduates to take advantage of the relationships we have developed with Tampa-St. Pete area bars and restaurant employers for over 40 years.

In addition, on a daily basis we are identifying new bars and restaurants and new jobs that come up in our area.

No school should ever be guaranteeing a job to graduates after graduation or coming close to implying the possibility of such a guarantee.  One major reason for this is that a good job search and “presentation to employers” really depends on the graduate as a candidate — not the school.  What American Bartending School can do is assist the graduate with our placement expertise and employer connections.  However, graduates are really responsible for standing out and giving reasons for employers to offer jobs.  Therefore, at ABS we work with each graduate on this “presentation” so it may be very favorable for graduates.

Graduate “presentation” to employers includes many important factors that need to be excellent.  Here are some of these factors which we work with graduates so they may get their ideal jobs:

  1. Initial telephone communication
  2. Email, text, or written communication
  3. Follow up techniques, such as ‘thank you’ notes/emails and timely returned calls
  4. Resumes showing “good employment history” and “citizenship”
  5. Personal and telephone interview skills
  6. Job search approach and philosophy from graduate to employer
  7. Professional attire, hygiene, and personal presentation
  8. References, including from ABS
  9. Network of friends and family members
  10. Social media presence awareness and use

Again, we strongly encourage all graduates to proactively work with ABS placement staff so that the placement assistance we provide can benefit them.  Placement at ABS is always free for all graduates.